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Florida Beach

The beach highlighted by the sun.

Contributed by Ashley Nichole Morris


Endless skies and miles of ocean on the East Shore of Oahu, HI

Contributed by Kristi-Lin Wasano

The colossal squid is twice as long as a school bus!

Contributed by Emily Johns

By Clark Little

Little is a surf photographer that captures amazing photos of the waves!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Ocean needs our help

Unfortunately, the ocean does not get the kind of respect it deserves. We cannot survive without it.

Contributed by Ben Trabing

James Cameron is the only person to dive there solo, using a lime-green sub called Deepsea Challenger. He is the first person to reach that depth -- 35,576 feet (10,843.5 meters) -- since it was initially explored in 1960. It's amazing how far technology has come!

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Imagine what is at the very bottom of the ocean !

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

The worlds ocean contains nearly 20 million tons of GOLD!!!

Contributed by Ebony Ivy

There is a place in the Gulf of Alaska where TWO oceans meet but DO NOT MIX!

Contributed by Ebony Ivy

My favorite place in the world. The smell of the ocean reminds me of home. It smells peaceful. I could swim in the ocean forever and never grow tired of it. It's beauty doesn't only lie on the surface either. It is even more magnificent under the water. The life that it provides is just amazing.

Contributed by Amanda Doyle