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Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health. Obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases and conditions, particularly cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis and depression.

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More Than 2/3 of All Americans Obese or Overweight

A new study reports that 3/4 of men and 2/3 of women in the US are obese or overweight. Very disturbing!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

This documentary brings information to the public about the cause of obesity and how we can fix it! You can watch this on Netflix.

Contributed by Kelli Niemeier

Fun Fact!

That is amazing!

Contributed by Alex Elizabeth Morales

This documentary gives more information on how being big is slowly starting to become more accepted, like it used to be back in the times of monarchies. There's still many stereotypes for obese people, however it's starting to become more known about why and how these people got to the size they are today. They seem to be addicted to eating, either that or like the young girls in Mauritania, they are force-fed for the sake of marriage. In Mauritania, skinny girls are a disgrace to their families. Being big is seen as being "ripe" and "rich", because they can afford to be more glutinous than many.

Contributed by Charity Richards

"Most obesity and overweight problems can be treated successfully by changing your lifestyle (regular exercise and stress management) a diet based on whole, nutrient dense foods, phytonutrient rich foods and low-glycemic foods. There are however, people that do not respond to this approach. There is new scientific evidence linking internal and external environmental toxins to chronic obesity. Toxins disrupt the biochemical mechanisms involved in weight control. This explains why some people continue to struggle with weight problems no matter how much they change their lifestyle. They are most likely toxic! WHAT MAKES US TOXIC? Global Toxins Without exception, every North American now has in his or her tissues 300-500 known toxins that were not in existence before 1940. So, where has all the poison come from? Shortages of natural materials during WWII prompted the creation of synthetic chemicals. For example, scientists developed nylon when they ran out of silk for parachutes. Natural rubber ran in short supply, so they developed synthetic rubber. A shortage of butter produced oleomargarine. Plastics were developed during this time period. Since those early years, the chemical revolution has continued. The scientist often becomes excited about what he can do with his chemicals, without considering the long-term affects the chemicals may have on one’s quality of life or the environment. They ask, “can I; rather than should I”. As a result... Toxins are everywhere. The problem is not confined to North America, although the studies have been done in the USA and Canada. Because of the nature of wind, rain and weather, we know that the entire planet is surrounded with toxins. Almost every known toxin and farm pesticide on the planet can be found in places as remote as the North Pole. Scientists doing studies there drilled through the polar ice cap, sank a camera through the pole, and found nearly a foot of brownish greenish goop that, similar to many industrial chemicals, refused to freeze. Contained in the muck were DDT, dioxin, and PCB’s as well as hundreds of other chemicals. Ours is a closed eco-system....which we cannot escape. The studies identify up to 500 toxins. It should be known that the instruments were calibrated for up to a maximum of 500 toxins. These tests are quite expensive. If they had been calibrated for more, it is certain that they would have found more. Farmers who handle pesticides without using masks, protective clothing or washing their hands become very sick with undiagnosable ‘syndromes.’ Visits to multiple physicians and/or clinics, including the Mayo Clinic can prove fruitless and frustrating. However, routine blood tests reveal a pattern of toxicity to those physicians alert to the clues. A diagnosis of toxicity can be definitively made by toxicology tests, after which monitored detoxification and nutritional support is indicated. Measurable levels of toxins are 5 times higher in our homes than they are outdoors. The February 1998 issue of Scientific American stated that indoor toxins are 3-5 times more dangerous than those found outdoors. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be putting it into or next to your body. Some sources of indoor toxins: • Dry cleaning fluid (do you ventilate your closets?)-causes cancer in lab animals. • Mothballs and moth crystals-contain paradichlorobenzene, which causes cancer in lab animals. Ever wonder why a moth won’t go near mothballs? They are poisonous! Use cedar instead, which is natural and effective. • Toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers contain the same poison as mothballs. Do we really need blue toilet water? - Dry ink toners: copy machines, faxes, laser printers. When heated, dry toners release formaldehyde and styrene gas into the air. Exposure can cause cancer and induce asthma, allergies and fatigue. Those who sag against the office water cooler at the end of the day feeling exhausted and drained may have had a hard day. Or, they could have experienced an overexposure to their office equipment! • Glues for wallpaper and countertops. • Toxins in your shower: chloroform gas forms by heating chlorinated water. • Pesticides tracked into and trapped in carpets. Levels of pesticides outside are typically measured at around 10 nanograms/cubic meters. Indoors they are about 240 nanograms/cubic meters!! Pesticides are slightly sticky. If the pile on your carpet is high, it traps and stores more poison. Scientists found minimal trapping of poisons in those homes with very low pile, linoleum or wood floors. • Of 178 homes tested, all had 8 pesticides and 11 other poisons in the carpet. Lead and aluminum were also found. Most of this is tracked into the house on shoes/feet. Simply placing a carpet outside, or taking one’s shoes off at the front door dropped the exposure factor by a level of 6. • Levels were high enough in all 178 homes to trigger a federal investigation, had they been federally funded sites. • Infants get up to 100 milligrams of personal toxic dust from carpets daily. This is five times higher than what they pick up from out- doors. At the same time, we are seeing an appalling rise in childhood diseases. • DDT has been illegal in the USA and Canada for the last 25+ years. However, the law neglected to make it illegal to make DDT. The USA is its chief manufacturer and we sell it to nearly every country in the world. We then purchase fruits and vegetables from countries where it is perfectly legal to spray it, hmmmmm..... Another study found that 90 of 362 homes tested positive for DDT indoors. Toxins in Your Tap Water It is estimated that 90% of all pharmaceutical drugs ingested are not metabolized, and leave the body in urine or feces. Pharmaceutical drugs are now showing up in our tap and ground water!!! The first drug was found by accident. Scientists doing their routine tap water tests for pesticides in Berlin, Germany, found Clofibric Acid, a cholesterol-lowering drug. The instruments that found it were calibrated to identify pesticides!! The scientists did not recognize the pattern, so they took it to a toxicology lab, which readily identified it. Many other drugs have since been found in our wells and ground water: • Lipid lowering drugs • Analgesics • Chemotherapeutic drugs • Antibiotics • Hormones --Just to name a few A summary article on 100 cities found identical results (Chemosphere, January1998). Antibiotics: Stuart Levy, Director of the Center for Adaptation Genetics and Drug Resistance at Tufts University in Boston, MA, states: “Our concentration of antibiotics is 1000 times higher than in Germany, high enough to affect the growth of E-Coli. This may be causing the bacteria to become medication resistant.” E-Coli has been discovered in the drinking water of some major and minor US cities. Estrogen: Shane Snyder of Michigan State University found enough estrogen (mostly from birth control pills) in Lake Mead to cause male fish to produce female egg protein, and to attempt to lay eggs that they were not equipped to lay. Disbelieving the results, Mr. Snyder repeated his tests 30 times. Acceptable levels of chemicals and pollutants are a lot lower than you have been told. High acceptable levels are allowed because no one knows how to solve the problem. • The amount of estrogen needed to feminize a human embryo, essentially turning a baby boy into a baby girl, is the same ratio as one drop of gin in 700 railway cars of tonic water.” Orlando Sentinel 2/98 • Breast reduction surgery is at a peak in teenage and young adult females. • Male fertility has significantly decreased in the last 20 years. • No filtering system on the market today removes pharmaceutical drugs from drinking water--none!!! Can these toxins cause obesity? External toxins are foreign to the human body and can have a serious impact on human biochemistry and physiology. Obviously these chemicals can cause disease as well as affect your metabolism. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a report on human exposure to environmental chemicals. They assessed human blood or urine levels for 116 chemicals. The study did reveal high levels of toxins in some people and low levels in others. This research does not tell the whole story because these chemicals move quickly from the blood into storage sites—mostly adipose (fatty) tissue, organs, and bones. This simply means that the blood or urine does not reveal the total toxic load. As a result, weight loss can be hampered by the total toxic load. There are several ways this can occur: • A toxic load can impair the liver and thyroid • Damage cellular mitochondria • Disrupt brain neurotransmitters that affect our appetite • Promotes inflammation and free radical damage, both of which promote weight gain. Prescription drugs can have toxic effects and can CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! For example, psychotropic drugs (Any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. Some legal drugs such as lithium for depression are psychotropic. Many illicit drugs such as cocaine are also psychotropic. Also called a psychodynamic drug). Other examples are, Depakote, Remeron, Clozaril, Zyprexa, and some antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil have all been shown to promote weight gain through various biochemical mechanisms. How Do Toxins Create Metabolic Chaos which Interferes with Weight and Metabolism? Toxins work on multiple fronts. They interfere with metabolism, overload our liver and kidneys detox systems, disrupt the brain’s weight control systems, contributes to metabolic syndrome, activates the stress response, disrupts normal thyroid function, promotes inflammation, damages mitochondria (our body’s calorie-and fat-burning mechanism), all of which can lead to chronic weight problems and obesity. So specifically what happens? First of all, thyroid function and hormones are altered by toxins. The liver excretes more of your active hormones so your thyroid and metabolic processes slow down. Also, the thyroid receptors or docking stations are damaged. Second, toxins interfere with appetite- control mechanisms in the hypothalamus. Third, toxins promote inflammation, which increases insulin and leptin resistance, which in turn prevents your brain from realizing that you are full and your fat cells are steadily increasing. Fourth, your energy producing factories (the mitochondria) are damaged which slows down your metabolism. And lastly, oxidative stress and free radicals are created which further slows your metabolism. Thyroid and Metabolism I am certain most of you reading this article have experienced a weight-loss plateau. You lose weight and then it seems like all the burners have been turned off. What is it that shuts the weight loss mechanism down? Recent research has shown that when pesticides (organochlorines) and PCB’s (from industrial pollution) are released from the fat tissue, where they are typically stored during weight loss, they lower your metabolic rate! This is done in multiple ways. If for example, you are one of the unfortunate individuals with a higher body mass index (BMI), you will store more toxins because of the increased body fat. One of the more serious problems toxins create affecting weight is an increase in thyroid hormone excretion by the liver. This does not bode well with your metabolism. The hepatic (liver) enzyme (UDPGT) is activated by a toxic load, which in turn causes secretion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4. This leaves you with less T4 to boost your metabolism. Simultaneously, T3 (the active thyroid hormone) concentrations decrease, along with your resting metabolic rate (RMR) as organochlorine levels increase. Your metabolism now will most likely crash and burn. On top of all this, metabolic toxins are in strong competition with thyroid hormones. These toxins can block your thyroid receptors (hormonal docking stations) and steal thyroid transport proteins making it extremely difficult for your thyroid to function normally. Metabolic Toxins Slow Fat Burning and Increases Inflammation! Your mitochondria are damaged by toxins which reduces their ability to burn fat and calories. As your body is increasingly damaged with oxidative stress and free radical damage your genetic pool becomes damaged as well, especially the genes that regulate blood sugar balance, inflammation and energy production in the mitochondria. With all this damage going on the body’s immunity (white blood cells) is activated which increases more inflammation. All of this metabolic chaos disturbs our hunger and fullness mechanisms. If that’s not bad enough, a study conducted at Laval University in Quebec found that, during weight loss, people who released the most organochlorines from their adipose (fat) tissues had the slowest metabolism after weight loss. So, it appears that in some individuals weight loss appears to prevent further weight loss." Via: Dr. Paul Harris

Contributed by Kelssi Williams

Obesity in America has been a growing problem that has been aided by the unhealthy choices the consumers have made due to continuous and aggressive marketing by fast food corporations. It will continue to be a problem as long as there is no one fighting for a solution to help America lose its reputation as the fattest nation in the world. If fast food industries continue to treat American people as a source to gain the "all mighty" dollar, then the nation is being treated poorly and strong action should be taken. The addiction of these foods contribute to how often Americans consume these unhealthy products. America's obese are quickly becoming the media's joke to society causing a prejudice reaction around the world. America can overcome this great devastation with some simple problem solving and will power. It is time this nation takes responsibility for their actions, their health and even more so, their children. The future leaders of the nation depend on the adults to teach them the way to leading healthier lifestyles. With their current responsibilities being abused the citizens of America’s future seems to be decaying. For the hope of future mankind responsibilities of both adolescence and adult must be enforced throughout the nation for the betterment of America.

Contributed by Jeremy Guash

Debate between thin woman and obese woman.

Contributed by John Davilman

Obesity? A disease? Apparently so. The CDC has made the official announcement that obesity can now be classified as a diagnosible and treatable diease. In my opinion, obesity is an eating disorder, and whether or not eating disorders are dieases has been a prominent argument for years. This is just the next step in the argument. And, undoubtedly, this will lead to its own fair share of arguments. This video from Doctor Bob Rakowski sums up the majority of the arguments for and against the new disease classification.

Contributed by Jake Wilson

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