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O‘ahu (pronounced [oˈʔɐhu], anglicized Oahu /ˈɑːh/) known as "The Gathering Place" is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is home to about two-thirds of the population of the U.S. state of Hawaii. The state capital, Honolulu, is on Oahu's southeast coast. Including small associated islands such as Ford Island and the islands in Kāneohe Bay and off the eastern (windward) coast, its area is 596.7 sqmi, making it the 20th largest island in the United States.

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Up on a Kualoa Ranch tour with a view of China Man's Hat below

Contributed by Karla Balagso

Hanauma Bay

Panoramic of Hanauma Bay, a natural preserve. Snorkel to see colorful fish and maybe get a chance to see a green sea turtle and Hawaii's state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a!

Contributed by Karla Balagso

a view of the Hawaii coastline from the window of an airplane

Contributed by Cassidee Kido

the beautiful waikiki coastline on the South shore of O'ahu, Hawaii

Contributed by Cassidee Kido

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