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After having a son diagnosed with ASD, the first change recommended was dietary change. We ate healthy, so there wasn't much of a change with the exception of food dyes!!!! I didn't realize how many foods had dyes (3 years ago it was nearly everything). Now, many companies are removing the dyes and adding foods to enhance the color. It was AMAZING to see a transformation in my child just by eliminating dyes in his diet. Dye is not only from petroleum products, but it acts like speed. Why, oh why can we not eliminate dyes? The FDA isn't as strict as it should be...European foods are dye free and better for us.

Contributed by Ena Osterhouse

The amount of sugar in foods.

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True serving sizes of foods.

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What 2000 calories of different foods look like

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Health organizations often create charts like the ones below to help people visualize a recommended diet.

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Hey you! Yes! You reading this! Hi! Your body is speaking to you. It's saying "Feed me!" But, it doesn't want just anything, you see. It isn't your taste buds screaming to you. It's your cells. You inner body funcitoning system---it needs nutrition! You may be feeling hungry all the time but eating all day. The reason? You are not feeding your body what it needs. You will feel better, look better, respond better, pay attention better, and even sleep better when you feed your body what it needs! Don't starve yourself any longer! Nutrition is the answer. Look into the different posts I have for more insight into how you can begin a new journey for your body.

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