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Portion Size Of Meals

Many people now a days over eat the portion size for one individual during the course of their meal. Whether it be reasons such as they feel it's tasty, or by not pacing snacks and meals during the day causing the sick hungry feeling which leads to over eating. This picture provides a visual to show the actual size necessary for each meal, along with the portion size most common now. Just getting one size larger of a drink, meal, or snack can add many calories. The average calories in which should be consumed a day are a minimum of 1,200 and maximum of 2,000.

Contributed by Ashley Moyers

Don't be fooled inform yourself about nutrition labels and more! After this you will think twice before buying something!

Contributed by Ana Patricia Morones

A great way to start a healthy day is with a green smoothie. They give you tons of energy and muchc-needed nutrients!

Contributed by Amanda Payne

Makes you think twice

Contributed by David John Torres

Fast Food Can be HEALTHY!

When you're far from home and need a quick meal its hard to find something healthy, but with a little research you can find healthy options at almost all fast food chains. Just be careful, just because it sounds healthy doesn't mean that it is.

Contributed by Kim Buzzard

25 Baked Alternatives to Potato Chips

Contributed by Kim Buzzard

The Bible and the American culture do not always mesh well and this is especially true on the topic of nutrition and eating habits. As an American society, one rewards himself with desserts and multiple servings of food. One has cravings for certain foods and it is acceptable in our culture. Romans 12:1-2 describes how a Christian should treat his body. The verse discusses transforming one’s mind on how one is to properly eat can be a very difficult task. It is God’s will for His people to be healthy. This is how he designed the human body. One is to glorify Him with his lifestyle. Lifestyles include nutrition and exercise. Food can be hazardous and an idol for some people. In 1 John 2:16-17, the scripture discusses how one should not become lustful of things of this world, because lust is not of God. As a Christian, we are to exemplify Christ as best we can to represent His name in an honorable manner. If we cannot control our nutrition to our body, we are not bringing glory to His name and we are not being like Christ. The scripture Proverbs 23:19-21 relates to nutrition because it is a warning about indulgence. In the passage, the father advises the son to stay away from drunkards and gluttons so that he will not become like them. He warns that a lifestyle of excess leads to drowsiness and poverty. Our society believes that we should indulge ourselves and do whatever feels good. However, if someone is drinking too much, then he will not want to get up in the morning to go to work. If a person does that often enough, then he will not have a job for long. The same holds true if a man becomes so heavy and obese that he cannot work anymore. Moderation is very important in every aspect of life, particularly with food. The scripture Proverbs 22:1-12 covers training and sharing. It says that we, as Christians, should train our children to do what is right. This includes teaching children about healthy eating habits and moderation. The passage also says that God will bless the generous man who shares his food. Christians should do all that we can to assist the poor and needy, especially with essentials like food, clothing, and shelter. Our culture knows instinctively and morally that people should help those in need. This is twice as true for Christians who know that God has called us all to love one another. The book of Revelation is made up of many strong and sometimes alarming passages that are full of imagery. The author of Revelation, John, shared his visions in order to alert the reader about the things to come. In Revelation 18 we see the tragic fall of the great city of Babylon. The city is referred to as a woman that is constantly dwelling in the luxuries of overeating, drinking, and other pleasures. The food and drink practices were unclean, and just as quick as she was to indulge herself, everything was stripped away to her despair and she had nothing left on which to lean. In our culture today we look to food and drinks, especially alcohol, to fill the void where Christ should be. We sometimes look to food for comfort when facing the stress of life when we should be looking to Christ instead. Just like Babylon these earthly things can be stripped away whereas Christ will stand forever. Knowledge means nothing if it’s not applied to one’s daily life and put into practice. This applies to both Biblical and nutritional realms. We believe that the Bible is the most important source on how to lead a Godly life because God inspired the authors of the Scriptures. These authors not only laid down the foundations of the most complex issues of theology, but they also provided instructions on how to apply Godly wisdom to our everyday decisions and actions, including nutritional decisions.

Contributed by Christine Ruff

"With the help of a science lab, the filmmaker Casey Neistat finds that calorie listings on food labels can be highly inaccurate."

Contributed by Christine Jay

Trade out that garbage for fuel.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Indeed. If you lift weights/strength train, you don't even need to cut your calories. Just eat when you're hungry. Eat well, that is.

Contributed by Empriś Durden