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I'm not sure that I completely agree with everything in this list but I think it's an interesting breakdown of common fat sources and provides a chance to really think about what we're eating and why.

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Keeping it simple!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

I really like how this shares the right foods to eat before and after different types of exercise. Keep your workouts efficient but also safe and healthy!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

It's always good to know what you're getting out of the things you eat.

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen

Yes chicken is a good source of protein and cows are a good source of alternative milk, but what people don't realize is how unnatural some modern food processing procedures are. This is not a video to promote being vegan, but rather just a tiny peek into what the food industry has become. We are literally what we eat. Food becomes our cells and allows us to function. Our bodies are the most precious asset we could ever invest in, so why do we not know more about the things we consume?

Contributed by Amber Lehua

Nutritional Value

Contributed by Rochelle Warren

This article proves that by eating healthy you can reduce your risk of getting cancer. This simple concept is one that needs to be applied to our society. This is very relevant to today because the goal of the Affordable Care Act is to prevent people from having to go to the hospital.

Contributed by Anna Ricci

Part 3: Change

Contributed by Kason Heaton

Part 2: Experience

Contributed by Kason Heaton

Just as we need daily physical sustenance, the need for daily spiritual sustenance is just as strong. For the Children of Israel, manna was a daily reminder of the source of their blessings; today, we can remember Jesus Christ every day as we pray, read the scriptures, and meditate.

Contributed by Kason Heaton