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Nursing home care

Nursing homes are a type of residential care that provide around-the-clock nursing care for elderly people. Twenty-four-hour nursing care is available. Nursing homes will provide short-term rehabilitative stays following a surgery, illness or injury which may require physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language therapy. Nursing homes offer other services such as planned activities and daily housekeeping services. Nursing homes may also be referred to as convalescent care, skilled nursing or a long-term facility. Nursing homes may offer memory care services or have a separate area specified for memory care.

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AFter working in a rehab facility for a few years now I realize how much slack that other personnel give SNF nurses feeling that they are dumb or have a lack of education. I've worked in an ICU setting and post acute care rehab and realize that while in the hospital setting you have equipment at your fingertips like monitors and physicians, I've learned so much at a SNF that I couldn't have ever learned at a hospital. I've learned how to assess without equipment or rely on equpment to tell me something was wrong with my patient. I can tell if a patient is in a-fib or a-flutter and the ratio without an EKG monitor. These are things that are invaluable.

Contributed by Tiffany Gomez

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