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Nuclear reactor

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Boy Scout builds Nuclear Reactor in Back Yard

David Hahn was a boy scout trying to earn his "Boy Scout Atomic Energy Merit Badge" when neighbors reported that his shed was glowing due to the nuclear reactor he was building. The FBI was called in and Hahn and his parents were forced to pay $60,000 to clean up the damages.

Contributed by Jacob Reichhardt

Is There Really a 2-Billion Year-Old Nuclear Reactor in Africa?

In fact there is, and it consists of a natural region of uranium within the Earth's crust found in Gabon and the conditions in this rocky area happen to be just right for nuclear reactions. The conditions owing to the nuclear reactor are the right amount of Uranium-235 that's perfect for nuclear fission (when an atom breaks apart into smaller atoms), a source of neutrons and a flow of natural groundwater as a regulating substance.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

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