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LeBron? More like LeBroke!

My sister's a huge basketball player, and she needed some new shoes. We decided to get her the newest LeBron 9s to hopefully help her traction on the court, and they also looked awesome! These shoes have stitching on the side, and after one week, the stitching started to rip! We thought it was just a bad pair, so we took them back and got another. A week later, what do you know, the same exact thing happened! We returned the shoes, and my sister was so angry that she sent a letter to Nike. We thought they might give her a gift card or at least a new pair of shoes to use while hers were broken, but no! They just said that they'd tell the manufacturer her opinion. How crazy is that! Has anything like this happened to you guys?

Contributed by Sandy Dasalla

Nike is not only leading the industry in athletic apparel, but they are also leading in environmental efforts within their production system. Their apparel, shoes, and accessories are always tested and designed for optimal performance. The aesthetics are always eye catching and innovative. With environmental concerns, Nike is changing the way they produce materials and how their products are assembled. They are using less material, producing less waste, and encouraging recycling. So, not only do you get to look and perform well, you also get to save the planet! Now that's a company I can get behind! While their products may be pricey, it is for a good reason.

Contributed by Andrea Bertrand


Nike's are the best, nowadays Nike free be on everybody's feet.

Contributed by Andres Martinez