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A nightlight is a small light fixture, usually electrical, placed for comfort or convenience in dark areas or areas that may become dark at certain times, such as at night or in an emergency. Small long-burning candles serving a similar function are referred to as "tealights".

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Get a bottle of bubbles. Get glow sticks. Cut open the glow sticks and dump them into the bubble solution. Turn off the lights and you've got yourself glow in the dark bubbles!

Contributed by Keri Potter

Angry Birds nightlight

Contributed by Keri Potter

This would be so cool! Night Light Fish!

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

Awesome nightlight! Man I wish I was still afraid of the dark so I could get one of these!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

I like that they are making some solar nightlights now, I think that it is a cool way to add light or color to the dark for children who may fear the dark or to read by or for light to walk in that won't wake everyone up. It's nice that they are solar because they won't waste any electricity when being plugged in during the day.

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

I think this is so cute! Check it out!

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

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