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Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey is a British photographer working primarily with images created from X-ray imaging. Some of his works are partial photomanipulations with Photoshop. He therefore works with digital artists to realise his creations.

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Nick Veasey discussing his work in X-ray photography!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Nick Veasey takes an usual and dangerous approach to photography by incorporating X- ray scanning in his art.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Veasey's subject of the mini cooper was broken down to 300 individual pieces to be X-rayed. It cost around 20,000 euros (or roughly $26,000) to create this image.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

I think some of Nick Veasey's most impressive "X-ray Sculpures" are the ones where he layers man and machine together. For instance the image featured in the wikipedia article entitled "Plane" is one of Nick Veasey's most difficult images as he had to have each part of a Boeing 777 shipped and individually photographed to later be put together using photoshop by Nick Veasey and his team.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Safety is important when working with X-ray, Veasey's studio is in an old remote military base 2 hours outside of London to ensure limited radiation exposure to others.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Before Veasey shoots at his studio, he tests himself and the areas radiation levels. His studio is fitted with lead-lined walls and doors to make sure radiation doesn't escape.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

To get the most detail in the X-ray images, Veasey exposes most of his subjects under radiation for 3 to 5 minutes. The standard X-ray exposure at the doctor's office is 0.2 seconds!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

An interesting interpretation of Darth Vader's X-ray by Nick Veasey.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Veasey captures the extraordinary beauty of everyday objects usually invisible to the naked eye.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Because of the radiation exposure, Veasey is forced to use skeletons in place of humans to get his amazing shots.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

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