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News is information about current events. News is provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, and also on the testimony of observers and witnesses to events. It is also used as a platform to manufacture opinion for the population.

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Maybe skip this one. Yesterday, one of two panda cubs born last weekend died. The National Zoo, where they were born, said the surviving cub and mom are both "very healthy," and noted that panda cubs are at high-risk in the first few days. They also said that it's ok to cry.

Contributed by Taylor Taglianetti

In other courtroom news...yesterday, a judge formally sentenced James Holmes to 12 lifetimes in prison without parole. Plus an extra 3,318 years for good measure. Last month, Holmes was found guilty of murdering 12 people and wounding 70 others in the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting. In 2012, he entered a theater during a crowded showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" and opened fire. He later pleaded insanity. A jury couldn't unanimously agree on the death penalty, which automatically meant Holmes would get life in prison. Yesterday, a judge made it official, saying, "If there was ever a case that warranted the maximum sentences, this is the case."

Contributed by Taylor Taglianetti

theSkimm is the only way I start my morning. It seriously gives me everything I need to know to start the day and fills me in on what everyone else is talking about. I love it.

Contributed by Taylor Taglianetti

For the busy student.

Contributed by Taylor Taglianetti

The News can Deceive You

If the journalists and news reporters tell you lies, how will you ever know? For they have direct access to the "facts" and you do not. So they can skewer the facts without you ever being able to see if they are right or wrong. I discovered this when I looked up MAVNI and found that news reporters were misinterpreting it to mean that illegal immigrants can join the military. But (a military website) explains that you cannot be illegal... you must be legal though you are not a citizen. And so we see that the news can lie to you perhaps to make things sensational or because it is run by ignorant people who aim for speed rather than accuracy.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Yes, this is funny. But, especially near the end, he has some insights that people need to be reminded of. Especially white Americans who like to run their mouths. "Why all the interest in holding police officers to a higher standard than gangs?"

Contributed by Tori Griffin

The story of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom is a true horror story. Crimes like their brutal murders are what keep the death penalty in effect—completely and utterly heinous. Being an east Tennesseean, this terrible story is so close to home, and watching as the families had to endure not one, but two heart wrenching trials was agonizing for our entire community. Now, one of the monsters who did this is up for parole. The link below will take you to a petition to DENY her parole. It can make a difference. Public opinion will be taken into consideration. This woman should not be allowed back on the street. If you haven't heard the details of the case, they are listed here. Please, take a moment and put your name down.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Man Attacked for Standing Up for Women Being Catcalled

It's so sad that something like this would ever happen. I hope the men who did this are ashamed to look in the mirror.

Contributed by Tori Griffin


This is such a simple statement, but it is incredibly poignant.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

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