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The New York Post is an American daily newspaper that is primarily distributed in New York City and its surrounding area. It is the 13th-oldest newspaper in the United States, and it had the sixth-highest circulation in 2009. Established in 1801 by federalist and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, it became a respected broadsheet in the 19th century, under the name New York Evening Post. The modern version of the paper is published in tabloid format.

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The New York Post was one of the papers that just couldn't hold back when no one had evidence regarding the bombing suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. This article talks about two innocent bystanders marked as suspects on the cover of a New York Post issued a few days after the bombing. It's sad to think that some companies, despite their lean to toward tabloid-style reporting, would portray real people who can suffer real consequences at times of tragedy like this. Can't they take a break from shoddy reporting and understand that it was not the time to make judgment they likely knew they could not make? Forget about your reputation for just one minute and think about how publishing a lie will affect the real person who is in that picture.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

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