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Neanderthals (UK: /niˈændərˌtɑːl/, also US: /n-, -ˈɑːn-, -ˌtɔːl, -ˌθɔːl/; also Neanderthal Man, taxonomically Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) were archaic humans who lived in Eurasia during roughly 250,000 to 40,000 years ago. They seem to have appeared in Europe and expanded into Southwest, Central and Northern Asia. They are known from numerous fossils, as well as stone tool assemblages. Almost all of those younger than 160,000 years are of the so-called Mousterian techno-complex, which is characterised by tools made out of stone flakes. The type specimen is Neanderthal 1, found in Neander Valley in the German Rhineland, in 1856.

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One of the oldest neanderthal remains was found in Krapina, Croatia. The bones were 130,000 years old! Information courtesy of Photo courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Scientist have discovered that neanderthals and humans both share the same gene for language! Information courtesy of pbs.rog

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

It is said that Europeans shared the largest traces of neanderthal DNA than any other ethnic group. Info courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Neanderthals usually lived up 30 years :( Information courtesy of Photo courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Scientists first discovered the existence of neanderthals around 1856 in Neadner Valley in Germany. Information courtesy of Photo courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

An interesting documentary from NOVA on pbs. The video discusses whether certain populations have traces of neanderthal DNA.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

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