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I recently watch a video in which someone tried to explain that African American hair generally doesn't grow, and that they "need" to wear weaves or use chemical relaxers it in order to comb it. All of those are myths. Natural hair is the curliest and therefore the most fragile type of hair. Weather, fabric, and excessive combing and brushing can cause the hair to break. With gentle hands and the RIGHT styling tools, black hair does grow :)

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

A cute fro-hawk style in under 5 minute by MsVCharles.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

The "natural hair movement" signifies a growing population of African-American women accepting their hair textures and no longer feeling pressure to chemically relax their tresses. Sometimes women of color face scrutiny for refusing to relax their hair, but social media, forums, and magazines keep women encouraged. Some people post videos of their progress. It may not seem like a big deal, but some women straighten their hair for so long that they have no idea what their natural hair texture looks like or how to care for it.Videos like these serve as encouragement and educational tools for those considering going "natural." Video courtesy of "LadyT101"

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Natural hair is very versatile and grows in a variety of curl patters, from wavy to coily to kinky-curly. All textures are beautiful. Image courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Natural Hair is beautiful!

Contributed by Marquetta Diamond Bradley

Natural hair air. Natural hair is beautiful.

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One of the states of my natural hair. The ending results of my twist out. My hair is naturally curly, but my curls are very tight and not as loose or as defined as I might want. So I twist my hair alll over in 2 strands at night and in the morning I take those twists down and hair curls are now looser and more defined.

Contributed by Whitney Miles