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There are several names for the Divine. Each name captures the different majestics ways of the Lord. Having a name is what allows us to be distinguished. My favorite names forGod are Elohim and Yahweh. I tend to use the name Yahweh- Rapha when in great trials and hurtful points in my life. The consolation provided when calling him by this name has always been an astounding and miraculous experience for me. Just when you think the tears shall not end after the loss of your mom or the broken heart over a failed relationship, starting prayer by using this name has eased and lessend my tears. It has worked for me and has helped to solidify its meaning " The Lord who Heals." After such an experience it may be worth while to apply the Lord's names when praying about different curimstances in life. You can click on the link to find a list of all God's names.

Contributed by Kristal Sabrina Rahim

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