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Nalgene is a brand of plastic products developed originally for laboratory use, including such items as jars, bottles, test tubes, graduated cylinders, and Petri dishes, that were shatterproof and lighter than glass. The properties of plastic products make them suitable for work with many substances in various temperature ranges.

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Nalgenes are rising stars in the world of water bottles for two reasons: they're very useful and stylish, and they're virtually indestructible! Nalgene has a lifetime warranty on all of their water bottles, and if you break it they'll send you free Nalgene swag, which is very cool. People throw them off buildings, drop them down waterfalls and rapids, run them over with cars, but practically nothing works! My friend managed to break hers through sheer anger. She became frustrated after not being able to hit a high note whilst practicing a solo, threw it at the ground, and a piece broke off! Tons of people have tried to break their Nalgenes, but few have succeeded, will you be one?

Contributed by Ally Klingelhofer

Nalgene Water Bottles

Nalgene water bottles are the newest fad with college students. The water bottles are unbreakable, leak resistant, and cheap. They come in a variety of colors and have a slender build great for cup holders in cars.

Contributed by Emmi Campanile

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