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Nail polish

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Ladies, know your Nail Polish.......

Contributed by Brandon Tyler Boehnke


Cute and sophisticated nails for every outfit and occasion!

Contributed by Jenna Marie Castilleja

Gryffindor Colors!

It's always fun to sport some Harry Potter pride!

Contributed by Katie Kephart


These nails are due to a lovely little product called Jamberry! They are affordable nail wraps that not only come in lovely shades and styles, but are quick and easy to apply! Check out the link to see the online catalog and order your own.

Contributed by Katie Kephart

Marbled Nails

Here's a picture of how amazing marble nails look.

Contributed by Katie Leavitt

These are really intricate but beautiful nails, and every nail turns out a little bit differently. I've tried it before and it works well and looks amazing.

Contributed by Katie Leavitt

Happy new years everybody!!

(i know it's tomorrow but i won't be on sussle tomorrow)

Contributed by Jordan Griffin