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Unique Nails

Wan to add some POP to your nails? This idea is perfect!

Contributed by Maria Victores

Newspaper effect!

Add this unique idea to your nails next time you're going for something different! Super easy and quick

Contributed by Maria Victores

Newspaper Nails!

Newspaper Nails!! Take a white polish and paint on two even layers of polish. Make the polish completely dries between coats! Let the white TOTALLY dry before this next step. (I waited for a half-hour) Cut 1”x1” squares out of your local newspaper. Place a square on one of your nails and press a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton ball against the paper and your nail. Making the newspaper completely wet. Press this on for 20-30 seconds while rolling your pressing finger around for an even transfer. DO NOT PICK UP OR SUDDENLY MOVE YOUR FINGERS, THIS WILL CAUSE SMUDGING! Take off the cotton ball and peel off the paper. Seal it with a top coat!

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

I love snowflake nails

It looks like there is actual snow on the nails.

Contributed by Lexi Parrish

Tribal nails!

Tribal nails look awesome but can be very hard to do.

Contributed by Tracy Andes

Striping tape nails

Striping tape helps give straight lines and gives nails a nice look when added to the design.

Contributed by Tracy Andes

Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy nails are easy to do and look really cool!

Contributed by Tracy Andes

Unique nails idea

Use a makeup sponge to create this beautiful sunset effect. Then, use a thin black nail polish to paint on some shadows. It's that easy!

Contributed by Danielle Gortsema

Cute Valentine's Day Nails

Experiment with different designs on each nail. Draw on little hearts, add sparkle to a couple fingers, and mix it up. Super chic and easy!

Contributed by Danielle Gortsema

Water Marble Nails

Water marble nails are GORGEOUS, but can sometimes take way to long to do and be a big mess. A easy way to have pretty water marble nails is to just do one accent nail in water marble and the rest painted a solid color, as shown in the picture!

Contributed by Ellie Payette