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Something fun and easy to do!

Contributed by Caitlin Buck

Monster's Inc!!

Contributed by Caitlin Buck

Which do you like best??

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

super cute!

Contributed by Kimberly Michel

These flame nails are amazing! Stick to the black background though.. I tried it with red flames on a white background and it didn't turn out as good.

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

These are blogs that I look at fairly regularly. They show off new polishes, plus they have amazing tips for how to do nails in different ways and designs!

Contributed by Ariel PirateQueen Lee

Nail polish that changes color depending on temperature!

Contributed by Peter Na

If your nail polish ever gets dry, poor a little bit nail polish remover in the nail bottle and it's back to normal!

Contributed by April Yazza

Sea shells and starfish, a great look for the beach! Super cute, right?

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

This video shows how to remove acrylic nails.

Contributed by Lisa Chong