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Perfect for a prom night

Contributed by Stephanie Kerekes

Best I have done

Contributed by Stephanie Kerekes


Contributed by Stephanie Kerekes

Simple Painting

Contributed by Stephanie Kerekes

Glitter and roses nail polish via Twinkie Chan. She says, "The only tools I used were the nail polish brush and some tooth picks…so…my roses went a little wonky. We’ll call it Impressionist art!"

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

So there's a trick I found to dry your nails really fast! All you do is dip your nails in ice water for a few minutes! It's really cold and you might have to take your nails out a few times, but it dries your nails so fast, it's amazing!

Contributed by Sabine Glocker

I just watched Despicable Me 2!! I'm totally going to do these.

Contributed by Damie Joaquin Juat

Galaxy nails tutorial

Contributed by Adrienne DeLuca

NEVER pop your full set acrylic nails off...go to the nail shop and ask tell them you want to get them soak. They will usually charge about $5 or $10. It takes about an hour but it is so much better for your nails then just popping or chewing them off.

Contributed by Karen Gutierrez

Galaxy nails

Contributed by Adrienne DeLuca