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Contributed by Eliana Armora


I would love to have one of these to organize my nail polish.

Contributed by Tamila LuLu Robins

I think its so cool how such simple things could turn into something so creative. Making awesome designs is so much fun!

Contributed by Camz Amendo

When I let my nails grow out, I always use this technique if I want to do a french tip. Yes, it may be difficult at first, but I'm telling you practice makes perfect. USE THIS METHOD!!!

Contributed by Khandi Wilson

I've heard that if you spill nail polish and you immediately put sugar on it it'll clump up and be super easy to remove!

Contributed by McKayla Murner

Blue, Black, and Yellow Tribal Nails

Tribal nails are very simple to create! all you need is a few different colors and a thin paint/nail art brush to create patterns with small triangles, squiggles, squares, dots- just about any tribal shapes you can think of! They are pretty easy to do on your own nails too, I did these myself! it just takes time and a steady hand!

Contributed by Tifany Raiac

How to ombre your nails.

Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

DIY Matte Nails

Contributed by Josefa Martinez

Shellac is probably the best nail polish known to man so far.

Contributed by Sarah Lynne Sirois