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I love doing this on my finger nails... It's super easy, and I don't use fake nails like she does in the video, I just tape around the sides of my nails to keep them clean from polish while applying.

Contributed by Anne Mena

spring is here!! why not try some cute nail styles :))

Contributed by Karen Sanchez

cute and simple :)

Contributed by Karen Sanchez

Very pretty butterfly design :) if you love butterflies this could be a great design for you!

Contributed by Karen Sanchez

If you love converse, this creating is right for you!! :)

Contributed by Karen Sanchez

I never knew you could do this on your nails

Contributed by Desiree Carrington

I saw this super cute snow flake nail art and decided to try it out myself

Contributed by Desiree Carrington

Valentines Day Nail Art

This is a beautiful nail design for ladies who are trying to figure out fantastic ideas for Valentines Day , while keeping it simple at the same time :).

Contributed by Geraldine Marriott

Valentine's Day Nails!

Cute nails to get you ready for Valentine's Day!

Contributed by Kylee Sorrells

These nails are too cute!

Contributed by Christine Anderson