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Nail polish

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This nail design is awesome the way they were made to look exactly like lego's.

Contributed by Faith Hersman


These are perfect for Halloween that is right around the corner.

Contributed by Taya Gordon



Contributed by Caitlin Ash

Halloween Nails

Super cute nails for Halloween since it's only a few weeks away!

Contributed by Ashley Engels

Nail Polish

Glow in the dark

Contributed by Keshona Ellis

Nail polish changes color when exposed to the date rape drug.

Contributed by Bridgette Marie Collins

If you refrigerate your nail polish for 15 minutes before applying, it goes on much smoother! :)

Contributed by Caitlyn Hyde

Fall Nail Polish!

These nails are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely perfect for this Fall season.

Contributed by Caitlyn Hyde

If you over shake your nail polish it will create bubbles in it! Shake it a couple of times but not to much! :)

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

this wouldn't last e very long!

Contributed by Nathalia Castro