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What would it be,

if there was now tree? (see how i rhymed there?)

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Just because,

the snowman is a Christmas staple and he silver is so whimsical looking

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Christmas is my fave holiday

and these Santa nails are adorable

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Don't judge me . . .

you can't have thanksgiving without Charlie Brown

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Pretty Nails

My friend got these nails and they were so pretty.

Contributed by Kathryn Robbins

If you smudge your nailpolish while it's still slightly wet. Just lick one of your fingers and rub the smudge back smooth with saliva lol. Kinda gross but it works.

Contributed by Tia Bailey

Nail Designs

So pretty!

Contributed by Sydney Ellsworth

the little mermaid

These nails remind me of the Little Mermaid.

Contributed by Faith Hersman