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Zebra Nails

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen

Color changing nail polish

This polish depends on the temperature, which creates two different shades of the same color in and out of the cold

Contributed by Alice Yih

Nananananana, Batman!

Contributed by Stephanie Wade

Cute rainbow/butterfly nails

Contributed by Stephanie Wade


these little guys are just soo cute

Contributed by Alyssa Edwards

Winter Nails!

Learn how to make a cute snowflake on your nails for winter that is fast approaching!

Contributed by Alyssa Edwards

Get a small piece of sponge and put both a large streak of one nail color and a large streak of another nail color on it, side by side. Then press the sponge onto each nail and after nails have dried, go over with transparent gloss/varnish.

Contributed by Tina Ward

Sparkle nail polish right on the end of the nail

Contributed by Tina Ward