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Mythology refers variously to the collected myths of a group of people or to the study of such myths.

A folklore genre, myth is a feature of every culture. Many sources for myths have been proposed, ranging from personification of nature or personification of natural phenomena, to truthful or hyperbolic accounts of historical events to explanations of existing rituals. A culture's collective mythology helps convey belonging, shared and religious experiences, behavioral models, and moral and practical lessons.

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A list of 10 particularly interesting Japanese ghouls, goblins, or whatever you'd like to call them. My favorite would have to be the Kappa.

Contributed by Stephanie Federman

Other Myths

As I've gone through this page, though the main info seems sound, most of the comments seem directed towards Greek/Roman and Egyptian Myths, which have been done to death. I, personally find other mythological systems more interesting- such as Norse and Celtic mythologies. Here is a book on Norwegian (Norse) Trolls. Quite comical, while still educational.

Contributed by Catherine Kellar

So that's why it's so common...

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia


Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely


The Egyptian god Osiris, lord of the underworld.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely


A typical hieroglyphic representation of Anubis, the Egyptian death god. Not to be confused with Osiris, ruler of the underworld.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely


The well known and winged horse Pegasus of Greek mythology

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

The Children of Loki

The three main children of Loki: Fenrir -The giant wolf Jörmungandr - the world serpent Hel - the goddess of the underworld.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

A useful database of the mythological aspects of various cultures.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

Fenrir vs Odin

Fenrir, the son of Loki and a giant wolf, battles the All-Father Odin in the Norse Myth of Ragnarok, the apocalypse.

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

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