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Music therapy for Alzheimer's disease

Music therapy is a type of intervention that involves music in some capacity and includes both a participant and a therapist who has completed an accredited music therapy program . The forms of music therapy are broad in nature, and can range from individual or group singing sessions, to active participation in music making, to listening to songs individually . Within those populations living with Alzheimer's, music therapy is becoming a wildly used way to assist in alleviating the behavioral and psychological symptoms of this disease . Music therapy is based in scientific findings and can elicit change in individuals as well as groups through music. Personalized music therapy has been shown in some cases to be able to lessen certain symptoms, including behavioral symptoms and those related to dementia. Music therapy, in comparison to pharmacological treatments, is a very low-cost solution to help manage aspects of the disease throughout the progression of the disease.

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This is a very good, interesting and simple sort of introduction on how and why music therapy helps improve the status of people with Alzheimer's disease.

Contributed by Amanda Potter

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