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An app to help you learn to read sheet music!

Contributed by Savannah Bettin

Music helps me every minute of my day and provides the essence of never being lonely. Like people say it's like music to my soul, well music is my soul. It makes up my soul. It over rides my soul. Music is what emotions sound like because it is an extension of your soul.

Contributed by Sierra Lynn Brown

His music is perfect for sad movie scenes! Mostly piano and strings, but some pieces have some electronic stuff, so it's pretty cool! :)

Contributed by Le Hoang


i wish i could create some of the best music out there i have the gift of voice, but not the gift of writing. I've always wanted to write songs, because i as a human feel so much from what this world has offered me.

Contributed by Megan Mary

Every song i listen to i feel ive connected with it.

My parents always said " Don't dedicate a song to a boy, it will haunt you forever" growing up i did, and til this day, I listen to old songs, and feel comfort, and happiness. I've never regretted anything I've done, and completely feel nostalgic.

Contributed by Megan Mary

This is absolutely fascinating! What a wonderful gift to receive after such a tragic accident. It really makes you wonder what goes on inside the brain of musicians.

Contributed by Brittany Underwood

Music Directors Understand

This is totally relatable

Contributed by Breanna Jones

It's very nicely done.

Contributed by Le Hoang

Quote by Mozart

I think that we sometimes forget how beautiful and powerful silence can be.

Contributed by Anna McCreary

Music: ON. World: OFF.

Don't you wish we all had something like this?

Contributed by Anna McCreary