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This is an original song by 20 year-old twin singing duo The MonaLisa Twins who perform covers of classic 60's songs as well as write their own original material in the same style. The MonaLisa Twins currently reside in the UK and are originally from Austria. More info can be found on their YouTube channel and their website here: and

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

I studied music performance for my undergraduate degree. During my studies, I wanted to explore other branches of music and decided to take a composition class. I had the opportunity to input all the ideas, sounds, and melodies that I had in my head onto paper, and combined 3 different instruments to perform together and create music. I hope you enjoy!

Contributed by Catherine Flinchum

A powerful visualization of how the sound waves produced from music can manipulate water, fire and electricity. Very very cool. The presentation begins at 00:43 seconds.

Contributed by Jordan See

This poignant tune has been featured in many things, most notably Step Up Revolution. It was performed by The Cinematic Orchestra, off of their 2007 album Ma Fleur, and is widely beloved as a touching, emotional song

Contributed by Matthew Carstensen

For lovers of feel good music, this song is for you. Wonderful sounds abound in this upbeat track featuring one of the best new rappers out there, Chance the Rapper. Please listen to the whole thing, you will not regret it.

Contributed by Daniel Carr

Country Music is a Life Style

Country music is perfect for whatever mood you are in or for whatever life throws your way. It's not just a genre of music, it's a lifestyle.

Contributed by Maile Starz


Dear Music

Contributed by Airiana Mitchell

This shows the power the human brain to make something beautiful with just a small amount of notes.

Contributed by Jason Osborne

This is amazing!

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

This performance redefined her career and increased her respect level amongst artists of all genres.

Contributed by Adam Dinius