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My music tattoo, and it's evolution. The first picture is the drawing I did. The second is what the tattoo artist drew, and the third and fourth are the final product. Music has been a large part of my life for many years, and I believe it will always continue to play a large roll in my life. Musical experiences helped shape the person I am today, and still influences me greatly, so it seemed like a fitting tattoo and justification for a permanent mark on my body. When deciding which shoulder to put it on, I found my self remembering marching band, and how we always step off with our left (because we're not from New Jersey.) So naturally, I decided to place my tattoo on the left side.

Contributed by Kendall Montie

Amazing! unique!

Contributed by Lindsay Irene Dunbar

Two icons on stage together is magic!

Contributed by Xavier Hicks

Modest Mouse is still to this day one of my favorite bands. To be honest, their less popular songs are probably the best and they are definitely still catchy, just not catchy in the bop your head and distract yourself type of way. They sing about important topics and real raw emotion. Love it!

Contributed by Rhea Sunshine

Music can help you with school, like studying and such

Contributed by Erin Gallo

We can't really run out of new music, but maybe good music could run out.

Contributed by Shantel Cordova

I recently started liking country again (a few months ago) and have noticed that Country has changed. I remember watching the ACM awards earlier this year and thought this performance was amazing. The WOW factor in the song, for me, was how passionate of a guitarist Keith Urban is! I really give the man my respect. (I made a mistake in the other post! Sorry, this is my first submission! Although I love Zac Brown Band just as much!)

Contributed by Armand Ventura

What is this underground and how is it related to music? Well underground could refer to any musical genre, but today I will be covering underground rock. Now the term underground rock can refer to artists that aren't heard by let's say MTV or Z100 or aren't signed to a big label. These bands have a small following of fans, but these fans are diehards who will try to go to as many concerts as possible. If you're thinking why you should listen to this underground music, well it's simple, unless you want to hear the same small handful of songs on the radio, I suggest you switch. There are plenty of different genres of rock and a lot of bands combine genres. You'll never hear the same thing twice. It's great to hear other bands also. All around, underground rock is a better choice.

Contributed by Elisa DiGiacopo

Blows my mind.

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

Kutiman shows us a lens into globalization

Contributed by Ashley Soto