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life is a melody, a song that we all dance to. yet no one really knows, but still we dance we move. I for have died to my own song, stop breathing in the rests, stopped pumping blood in the breaks. but life commenced my song shall go on. for as Fredrich Nietzsce said Without music life would be a mistake.

Contributed by Clay Dorough

This makes me wonder how life would be like with synaesthesia. Does it for you?

Contributed by Kandis Gumbs

We will ever run out of notes and lines to sing or write, or will we forever have different mixtures of rhythms, sounds, and voices that create what we call "music?"

Contributed by Rachna Singh

Evolution of Rock

"School of Rock"

Contributed by Kelsey Stewart

This guy's voice is absolutely amazing. He's so dedicated to his worship in Christ through music.

Contributed by Jessica Lange

I don't know about the many of you but sometimes I hear musics with piano and cello mix together and many don't sound as good as the Piano Guys. They are AWESOME. This is one of my favorite study music songs. I listen to it while I study for my finals and sometimes I listen to it when I go to sleep. Hope you all enjoy it and love them as well!

Contributed by Mai Cee Moua

I listen to this guys music all the time. I make my own music and we have some similar styles in what we do. Probably why I like him so much

Contributed by Paul Settle

Something I put together a year and a half ago.

Contributed by Paul Settle

I believe that this particular song cover was absolutely brilliant. Pentatonix is an amazing a capella group that had won "The Sing-Off" last year. Their voices put together truly show how the human voice can create a beautiful blend combined with other voices. Not only is Lindsey Stirling an amazing violinist, she can move around and dance while she plays! I absolutely adore her and her work and my heart was racing when I first heard that she played a song with Pentatonix. The combination with this superb violinist and this outstanding singing group, to this upbeat popular song, shows a great example of music at its core.

Contributed by Ashley Agloro