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Rap music calms this baby down

Contributed by Mary Joseph

How Music Affects Your Brain

Contributed by Mary Joseph


Baby's brains are wired for music

Contributed by Mary Joseph

The effects of music on the brain

Contributed by Mary Joseph

Bohemian Rhapsody cover by a full orchestra. Very cool!

Contributed by Lexie Miller

I believe this guy is really good and play well. He takes modern music most people listen to today and plays it on something made years ago. Instruments made to play classical, romantic, and baroque. It just astonishes me.

Contributed by Ashley Deaton

A Cappella is a term applied to singing without any accompaniment. "Cappella" means "chapel" in Italian, and therefore, means "in the manner of the chapel." There are many fantastic a Cappella works.

Contributed by Cassi Villers

Music has always had the ability to bring out emotions in people and create magnificent moments. This especially true in the the video game, "The Last of Us" produced by game developer Naughty Dog. The score in this game reveals the strong emotions and development of the characters in game.

Contributed by Giancarlos Herrera

This video "Donald Duck in Math Magic Land - Music" how math was used in music and how melodic music was made.

Contributed by Stephan Wallace