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We have all had this happen at dances LOL

Contributed by Alec Maternowski

A good song I just heard

Contributed by Shawna McCann

I really like this song. It is so upbeat.

Audio Link

Contributed by Christine Ruff

I really like this song.

Audio Link

Contributed by Christine Ruff

Best Concert Ever

Contributed by Tori Grass

"music is life"

Personal Art

Contributed by Tori Grass

This is Kevin Olusola. He was recruited to join Pentatonix when they were looking for a 'missing link'. Hmm. I wonder why? ;)

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

Knowledge is beautiful. So is music.

Contributed by Alondra Ramirez


If you like screamin trumpets, ripping sax solos, and all the feelings you get from jazz, this song is for you. The energy of this song causes pure ecstasy itself. The loud brass, the walking bass, and that one sax player doing it all. And dat ending tho!

Contributed by Joseph Perry