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Music is a great medium to get others to feel joy, sorrow, and any other emotion that the composer wants to convey. I sang this song with my High School choir and my director showed me that we can be sound good and be funny at the same time! This performance was not of my choir but they do a wonderful job and it is a great way to show that sometimes you just have to say arrgh!

Contributed by Aaron Kelly JohnPaul Hietpas


This is a song from rap artist J.Cole. In society we tend to let the norm or what considered conventional and acceptable determine our self-worth. When in reality more than most of us never will meet these standards. I believe J.Cole was shedding light on this fact, but taking it a step further to say physical flaws, or life struggles does not make one any less worthy than someone who may perceive to have the perfect image or picture perfect life. Thanks for reading!

Contributed by Kenyata McGill

We could all stand to listen a little more closely.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Change what is in people's hearts, and you can change everything.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Beautifully said. Life tends to wear on you, and cover the beautiful parts of life. Music, art, literature all reveal it.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Nothing can bring people together like music.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

I enjoy this version of the song way more than I should.

Contributed by Nicole Jimenez

Music is a way to find yourself in a time of need. A time of separation from yourself from the world.

Contributed by Mackenzie Stone

Anatomy of Songs

The generic layout of songs in some genres of music. I thought cars and girls would've made more sense for rap or hip hop, though (which the picture surprisingly didn't add).

Contributed by Le Hoang


An amazing article on how they figured out what sound waves would look like if they could be seen.

Contributed by Josh Milligan