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Pentatonix did a great job of mixing all the songs together and they are a great group to listen to! Wether they are doing a mash-up, a cover, or an original, their harmonies are always to perfection and they never cease to amaze.

Contributed by Miquette Orren

Here is a recording of the Cincinnati Wind Symphony performing Suite of Old American Dances by Robert Russell Bennett.

Contributed by Gabe Haberman

Even though this video shows that most country music is the same, country music is still my favorite genre and I will forever listen to it. Not all country is the same!

Contributed by Bailey Sarah Seevers


Music is life

Contributed by Megann Alise Buss

Music IS life

Stop, and think. How many time have you listened to music, and couldn't keep the smile off your face? How many times have you listened to music, to erase all your bad thoughts and help you understand your problems? When are we not listening ? Listening to the beat, the melody, the words. When is MUSIC not painting our way of our life's?

Contributed by Kandace Hastings

Legacy - Memphis May Fire

start speaking out

Contributed by Sharon Galeano


The best way to express yourself!!!

Contributed by Caitlyn Sosinsky

I have always loved Danny Elfman, but when I was listening to my Spotify and this piece of work appeared back in my life, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It's so unique and a little bit creepy but I love how musical it is.

Contributed by Liz Legatt

This is one of my favorites from the piano guys! The story about how he wrote it for his daughter in the end is sooo sweet! :)

Contributed by Christian Hillis

I love this video, he is my idol! Emmanuel Pahud is such an amazing musician and I just love how he interprets every piece he plays, take a listen. :)

Contributed by Christian Hillis