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Munchkin cat

The Munchkin or ‘’’Sausage Cat’’’ is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs, which are caused by a genetic mutation. Much controversy erupted over the breed when it was recognized by The International Cat Association in 1995 with critics voicing concern over potential health and mobility issues.

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Then watch the 101 from Discovery Channel! Interesting fact: With their short legs, these cats were named after the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

Contributed by Christina A. Zito

These cats are so adorable. I want one!

Contributed by Yvonne Valverde

©copyright Helmi Flick

Contributed by Michael Nelson

Munchkin Cat in action!

Contributed by Michael Nelson

One really cute cat!

Contributed by Adrienne Feisel

Its so cewt. i want one!!!

Contributed by Bethany Hawe

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