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Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are a British band formed in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesizer), Winston Marshall (vocals, electric guitar, banjo) and Ted Dwane (vocals, bass guitar, double bass).

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Love the guest stars!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

A drawing I made a couple months ago of Mumford and Sons

Contributed by Anna Ponchak

Mumford and Sons happens to be one of the best, most genuinely talented band there is today. With two major albums and two mind-blowing tours they are finally taking a well deserved break. I have heard rumors that they are breaking up, but as this article explains they are not separating they are just letting themselves enjoy their successes from the past 3 years.

Contributed by Anna Dunn

This is my most favorite song by this great, great group.

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

One of my favorite songs from this band, not including cave, weak little lion man or I will wait! :D

Contributed by Andres Martinez

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