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Muhammad Nimr al-Hawari

Muhammad Nimr al-Hawari (born 1908, date of death unknown) was a Nazareth-born Palestinian who studied law in Jerusalem, graduating in 1939. al-Hawari served in the British Mandate administration as chief interpreter in the district court of Jaffa and chairman of the Association of Government second-division officers. He was transferred to Haifa where he resigned his government position in 1942. On his resignation he returned to practising law in Jaffa. al-Hawari started his career as a devoted follower of Amin al-Husseini but broke with the influential Husseini family in the early 1940s. al-Hawari during the termination of the British mandate commanded al-Najjada, a paramilitary scout movement. al-Hawari had met and did discuss an agreement for Jaffa with Ezra Danin. Fearing assassination by the Husseinis, al-Hawari fled from Jaffa to Ramallah in December 1947.

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