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Motorola Backflip

The Motorola Backflip (also called the Motorola Motus in some regions) is a touchscreen smartphone released to the U.S. for the AT&T Mobility network on March 7, 2010, and for other countries on Telus and Optus networks. It runs the open source Google Android software.

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I currently own a Motorola Backflip since July 2010. However, the cellphone has recently had problems in June 2013. One needs to remember that if you leave the phone in the charging unit after it's fully charged or expose it to heat for prolonged periods, the phone will overheat, the battery inside will warp, and the phone will start acting crazy. Eventually the phone itself won't turn on. Also, if you are using the Browser, be careful, because it may freeze and you have to turn it off as if it were to lose power, and then turn it back on (startup takes a little while). At times, it may do a force close, and take you back to the main screen, thus you have to re-open the browser and type the webpage back up on the address bar.

Contributed by Harvey Lorenzo

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