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This guy speaks truthfully and without filters. Pure information and motivation.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Ray Lewis is pure motivation.

Contributed by Marcus Lawrence

Best motivation anyone can listen to. Listen to famous lines and quotes to feel the chills. You know what it takes when you put all your effort into it, and come out successful or even unsuccessful. Let the emotions roll through you while you're watching and listening to it.

Contributed by Justin Isaiah Barnes

Motivation to do something in life. Not be normal.

Contributed by Josué Kanzang

"If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."

Contributed by Anthony Lebario

Don't quit

Look at how far you've come. You've already been down in the trenches. The tunnel seems endless, but once you make it. You won't have any regrets. Always give it your all than always thinking, "what if I gave it my all."

Contributed by Anthony Lebario

Put your mind to it.

Right mindset will lead you to success.

Contributed by Anthony Lebario

I have known about this speech by Eric Thomas for 2 years now. I listen to it before every workout, and on nights where I want to go to bed instead of studying. It's an inspirational video that reminds me that in order to be successful, you must always work hard. You must want it "as bad as you want to breathe." I'm going to college next year, and I have an opportunity of making my dream of becoming a doctor a reality and this video will always be there to motivate me to be my best.

Contributed by Hugh Bang


Contributed by Caitlin Martin