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Motivation is the reason for people's actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one's direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. An individual is not motivated by another individual. Motivation comes from within the individual.

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Suicide Prevention Day

I posted this on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, but I could only hope that every day we're paying the amount attention to this issue that it deserves. So many precious lives have been lost to suicide, and it saddens me so deeply to think that we may not be doing all we can to help prevent it. You never know the people around you that are hurting and broken inside. Remember to be a friend to everyone and keep an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. Ask people how their day was, ask them if they're okay, let people know you care. A little goes a long way sometimes.

Contributed by Alexa Echevarria


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Stay Motivated

Make this Monday a great Monday.

Contributed by Brooke Smith

Something to remember.

I pinned this on pinterest a couple weeks ago, seeing it again has helped motivate me with my plans of study in college. Currently I'm trying to decide if I want to pursue something easy and comfortable or something that I love that will take a lot of work.

Contributed by Meghan Gregory

OKAY this website is literally the best thing. You sign up and you're paired with a buddy who has similar interests to you and they become your new friend and you're able to support each other and make sure you both have great days and just be a good friend to them because they probably really need it, and who doesn't need a friend? If you've got a twitter and a happy heart, the Buddy Project is for you.

Contributed by Alexa Echevarria

Daily motivation

Everyone should read this at least one in a day

Contributed by Violetta Gir

"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Nice Motivational Quote

Contributed by Kaushal Gohil

This Article has a great collection of short Motivational Quotes, that everyone could use to motivate someone and yourself, it would even help to make a motivational note or speech....

Contributed by Kaushal Gohil

A must watch TED Talk

Contributed by Alex Rodriguez

So, Work On It

Anything that makes you you, work on it. Strengthen your strengths, understand your weaknesses. Work with what you are, and you will do great things that many others could never accomplish

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

You are strong

Believe me when I say how true this situation is for me, even though I'm a girl and am not in a relationship. In general, I really am weak. However, to my best friends and my loving family members, I am strong. I am strong enough to piggy-back my heavy little cousins. I am strong enough to help my friends when they are feeling down. No matter what, you are strong "in the real way" :)

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

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