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A mother is the female parent of a child. Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus, dependent on the context, women can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof. Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother. Women who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms 'birth mother' or 'biological mother', regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent their child. Accordingly, a woman who meets only the second condition may be considered an adoptive mother, and those who meet only the third a surrogacy mother.

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I watched this video a couple years back after my mother had passed away due to lung cancer. When I watched I could feel only a deep connection with his words. It was so beautifully said. I love this video too much not for it to be shared. It's given me so much motivation and I hope it does for all of you. "Live simply so others can simply live"

Contributed by Ali Ercolani



True motherhood shown in the wild

Contributed by Nathan Zamora

Mother's Love by Akiane Kramarik

"I painted Mary in a silky blue robe surrounded by a background palette of cerulean, cobalt and Persian blue. This is how I interpreted the vision of baby Jesus and his beautiful young mother. The robe connects both of them as if there were one. "Mary is the symbol of love, warmth, affection, tenderness and devotion. Her story is the story of love and faith. "Mary with her tender love embraced Jesus at birth, embraced him on the Cross and embraced him on his resurrection. That is why the lower hand in a shadow is her witnessing the crucifixion, and the upper hand in light is her witnessing both the birth and the resurrection."

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

A Mother's Love

A photomanipulation with a sweet mother and son :)

Contributed by Katie Scott

Life lessons that we are taught by Mom.

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

I think stretch marks are like tree rings, true markers of time, patience and growth.

Contributed by Anna B. Scott

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