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Moore, Oklahoma tornado

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Video Compilation of Moore, OK Tornado.

Contributed by John Davilman

This EF5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma really hard on May 20, 2013, dwarfing the previous infamous tornado of May 3, 199 as it devastated residents, destroyed schools and homes, did significant damage to a hospital, disabled Moore's water treatment plant, killed at least 24 and injuring many. This is the most thorough and informative article I have found. As of now, news on this tragedy continues to be coming in, and rescue and aid efforts are far from over. It will be a long time before the city of Moore begins to look the same again, and until they can look back on this tragedy as they have looked back on the tornado of May 3 1999, chilled that it happened, glad to have moved on, hoping to never see such a terrible thing happen again, and yet always living with the reality that it might.

Contributed by Julie Greenleaf

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