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Monster of Florence

Il Mostro redirects here. For the 2008 book, see The Monster of Florence. For the 1994 Roberto Benigni film, see The Monster (1994 film). For the 1977 Italian film, see Il mostro (1977 film). For the yacht, see 2008–09 Volvo Ocean Race.

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Douglas Preston's book (with Mario Spezi) "The Monster of Florence" goes far beyond a grizzly and twisted crime mystery. Not only does the author actually get involved in the tale, it is an incredible insight into Italian life and the differences in culture.

Contributed by Lori Jones

Douglas Preston's "The Monster of Florence". I stumbled upon this story by accident thinking it was a historical (like hundreds of years) mystery, but was completely drawn in by the unraveling and unsolved (?) tale.

Contributed by Lori Jones

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