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A monster is a creature which produces fear or physical harm by its appearance or its actions. Derived from the Latin monstrum, the word usually connotes something wrong or evil; a monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, or a freak of nature. They are usually composites of different creatures, or hybrids of humans and animals, but the term can also be applied figuratively to describe someone with similar characteristics, such as a person who does cruel or horrific things.

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The monster lives in the rainforests, jungles, and forests of the world. It is dark, silent, and deadly. It came out of the darkness very recently. It is shadow made solid. No one knows if a panther, jaguar, cougar, leopard, tiger, or lion mothered the beast. What we do know is that the monster was created when a panther-like big cat ate a spider. The only problem is that the male spider and the female cat were in their respective mating seasons. The ferocious feral feline gave birth in hiding. When she saw the thing that she had given birth to, she abandoned it. The young monster was force to fend for itself. Now, it hates all other creatures. The monster has grown used to solitude. For the most part, it prowls the jungles and forests alone late at night devouring lost travelers. The monster has six legs with claws on all of them. It has canine fangs and two pincers (one on each side of its mouth) and an exceptionally powerful bite. The beast is the perfect predator. It can stalk, ambush, chase, or trap its prey. It might walk slowly down forest paths, listening for and stalking its prey before rushing or ambushing. Then it will attack from cover and in a target's blind spot with a quick pounce. It might also run its prey down in the open. It might even set up its web and trap its prey. Once the creature catches its prey, it employs several different killing methods. It might bite directly through the skull of its prey to deliver a fatal bite to the brain. It might bite the throat and suffocate its victim. It might deliver a paw swipe to the skull sufficient to kill. It might even inject venom into its prey. Upon killing its prey, the beast will drag the carcass to a thicket or other secluded spot. It begins eating at the neck and chest or the midsection. It consumes the heart and lungs first. The other option is even less pleasant. The venom the creature pumps into any prey caught in its web contains digestive enzymes and once the tissues are liquefied, it sucks them out leaving behind the empty husk. The creature is a carnivore, feeding only on meat. It prefers large prey and will take humans, caimans, deer, capybaras, tapirs, peccaries, dogs, foxes, and anacondas. However, the creature will also eat any small species that it can catch including frogs, mice, birds, fish, sloths, monkeys, and turtles. The beast has become a symbol of power and strength and death. It has many names (arachnopanther, pantharachnid, spidercat, aranagato, etc). A scientist, whom no one believes, saw the creature and gave it the taxonomic name: Arachnid panthera. It is a favorite subject for Halloween stories. In fact, many believe that the beast can facilitate communication between the living and the dead on this night when monsters take charge. That is, of course, if you can manage to approach it without being eaten.

Contributed by Christine Ruff

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