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Model (person)

A model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing in fashion shows), or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.

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pictures (:

modeling is something I've always wanted to do and getting senior pictures was an introduction to me on what it would be like. Don't be afraid to try something different

Contributed by Sam Varela

Such a great show!!!

Contributed by Estefani Barragan

This is by Zhang Jingna from Model Mayhem. She looks quite peaceful in a deathly sort of way. All the photos I have previously posted come from my folder of my most favorite pictures that I have come across on Model Mayhem. I enjoy browsing the site.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Yuki M from Model Mayhem. I'm not sure whether the checkers are painted on or photoshopped on.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Winter Kelly from Model Mayhem.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Vy Trang from Model Mayhem. She sort of looks like Uee from After School (K-Pop band).

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Vicious Dolls from Model Mayhem. She really does look like a doll.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Twigglet from Model Mayhem. I love her outrageous hair!

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Tony Quan again but I realized he is the photographer. This is Rukia from Bleach.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is Tony Quan from Model Mayhem. I'm not sure if she is cosplaying anyone..

Contributed by Lisa Chong

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