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Minority group

A minority group refers to a category of people differentiated from the social majority, those who hold on to major of positions of social power in a society. It may be defined by law. The differentiation can be based on one or more observable human characteristics, including: ethnicity, race, religion, disability, gender, wealth or health orientation. Usage of the term is applied to various situations and civilizations within history despite its popular misassociation with a numerical, statistical minority. Furthermore, from an intersectional sociological perspective, any given individual may simultaneously occupy both a majority identity and a minority identity, depending on the intersection of different social categories (e.g. around age, religion, gender, and so on).

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In the United States of America many people are always offended by others. Earlier this year the Supreme Court passed the law that gave couples of the same sex to be able to get married. Many people were disturbed by the passing of the law saying that is not right”, or that "it’s immoral". Same sex couples has been around since the early 19th century; however, many people are always trying to find a way to make people change who they are. People are also offended because of where they come from. For instance, middle school, and high school students are always jealous of each other. It might be their personality or where they have grown up, but many people are always pulled into peer pressure to follow behind someone and not to be who they really are. Other students are bullied by physical abuse, by pushing someone against a locker, or like in the movie screens of throwing something into a garbage can. Students can also be bullied emotionally, like by saying things about a student’s apparel, or talking about how they behave. Another case that many people have been talking about was the Trayvon Martin trial. The trial discusses how an African-American teenager was leaving a store with skittles and a Arizona Ice Tea. Several minutes later an older gentlemen call 9-1-1 because he felt that the young man was out to harm someone. However later on during the trial his lawyer tells how the older man by the name of George was defending himself because they said it seemed like he was being attacked. Just like when the Supreme passed the law everyone felt that that the jury made the wrong decision by saying the he was innocent.Many people are always feeling offended whether it be at a gas station or even at the mall.

Contributed by Nigeria Opapeju Priv

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