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ummmmm..... Hannah is that you.... Dear god if your listening please help bring our Miley back..:(

Contributed by Joselie Petit

gossip tail

what can we believe these days.

Contributed by Joselie Petit

Miley's interview with Rolling Stone after her shocking performance on the VMA's

Contributed by Jessica Houliston


Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

Explanation for the controversial music video for, "Wrecking Ball," by Miley Cyrus.

Contributed by Allison Crist

Everybody Is Missing Miley Cyrus' Sad And Devastating Message

Contributed by Emma Childress

The Miley And Mandy Show- Epis. Potential Breakup Song

Contributed by Asiah Smith

Miley's VMA performance from the perspective of the photographer who did her photo shoots as a child.

Contributed by Maria Salgado

Gaga defending Miley Cyrus :)

Contributed by Emma Childress

I think Miley's new behavior is a cry for attention, but she is just trying to prove to everyone that she is not the same 14 year old Hannah Montanna that she once was. Wrecking Ball shows how much she has grown up and not just her wild crazy party side. She is not sitting naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer for seductive reasons, but more because of her heartbreak. Thoughts?

Contributed by Thao Hoang