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Cool twist on Disney's Ariel.

Contributed by Guadalupe Terrones

Are mermaids truly real? I think they are but they live way down at the bottom of the oceans where no human has been before.

Contributed by Avalon Rose

This looks to real and accurate too not believe ! i am so excited and I feel as though my suspicious of mermaids is becoming reality !

Contributed by Jasmyne T. Humphrey

Amazing! This footage is from 2013. I do believe in Mermaids. People discover new fishes often, why not believe mermaids are real.

Contributed by Priscilla Valenzuela

Do you believe that Mermaids are real? Weather they are or not, I enjoy the mystery surrounding the source of the mermaid folk lore.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

A human 'turned' mermaid.

Contributed by Lauren Hill

Mermaids, are they real or are they fake? This is a video that I found on youtube, a short scene from the hour long special Mermaids: The Body Found on Animal Planet. Megalodon did exist millions of years ago and was the greatest predator of the oceans. We still have sharks in our oceans today so is to say we don't we have Mermaids? A part of me wants to say this is all nonsense but having watched this whole special really did open my mind into thinking mermaids were or are still in existence. How is it that we as humans seem to interact so well with dolphins?

Contributed by Ariane Lion

Hannah Mermaid. Stick around for when she swims with sharks. Scary!

Contributed by Mallory Kraus

Check out photographer James Morgan's images of the last sea-farers. Sea Nomads in Bajau are real mermaids. "Malay people have lived at sea for centuries, plying a tract of ocean between the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia."

Contributed by Atrice Alexis

"African Mermaid" Artist: Liisa Website:

Contributed by Atrice Alexis